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CyanIDE®, Software and Software Tools

CyanIDE is Cyan's world class Integrated Development Environment to support software development for Cyan's current and future microcontrollers. The CyanIDE package comes complete with a project manager, an editor, full ANSI C compiler, simulator, debugger and in-system programmer. Also included is a unique Configurator, configuration tool (patent applied for) that allows the microcontroller's peripherals to be easily configured using a simple drag and drop GUI.

The Cyan Software Team is a team of highly educated, very experienced software developers with a passion for producing world class, leading edge development tools. We have recruited our software engineers from some of the leading EDA companies in Europe and their professional backgrounds are second to none. A multidisciplinary software team with vast experience, we have the vision and determination to provide tools that enable our end users to produce rapid prototypes, to reduce their development time to market, and make their day to day engineering tasks that little bit easier. Through our tools, we make hard engineering tasks easy, and very complex engineering tasks achievable by all engineers around the world.